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CLICK-LOC by Moeller Aerospace



The unique Feature of the Click-Loc™ technology are the 2 parts which works together as vibration and stress influences safe Self-Locking Fastening System. It is an external secondary locking feature which provides an enhanced reliability and maintainability alternative to lockwire, tab washers, cotter pins, de-formed threads, locking elements, or thread lock compound.  

Click-Loc self-locking technology can be applied to aerospace, automotive, marine, locomotive, petroleum, and other industries that rely on mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, or fluid system applications. Whether the application is new or retrofit, Click-Loc engineers will completely customize the perfect self-locking solution.



  • Lockwire alternative, reducing maintenance down time
  • Will not loosen from heat, vibration, or environmental stress
  • Reusable hundreds of times
  • No special tools required
  • Custom designed and produced to meet most any application
  • Countless applications including Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive, Rail, Marine, Oil, and Gas
  • Locking elements independent of the threads, eliminating seizure
  • Material: Inconel
  • Operating Temps: Up to 1200°F (650°C)
  • Sizes: Customizable
  • Applications Include: Engine access/inspection port, borescope plugs, drain plugs, sensor applications
  • Available as finished product or as supplementary set


    • Fitting Applications Include: Gas fittings, gas couplings, fluid fittings, fluid nozzles, hydraulic hose fittings, fluid flow systems, test stand fittings, fluid transfer systems
    • Fastener Applications Include: Turnbuckle fasteners, washer cup assemblies, nut and bolt assemblies, bolt and washer assemblies, bearing lock nuts, retaining nuts, pylon locks,  lockrings, adjustable rod ends, Heim joints, hydraulic connectors,  rod-end adjustors.


    for more informations, please visit also the Click-Loc™ Website.